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    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Air O'Gance

    I wonder.
    I am the vainest person I know.
    I love myself so no one else has to
    but can't you?
    I hold my head high with confidence and walk with and on air
    I'm smart and never enough for myself
    I push and push until I'm scraping talent off the soul of my shoe
    All this to prove to myself, that yes. I am worth loving.
    And sometimes i don't think people understand how much I am willing to give to them
    how much I will do to love them
    when the time comes someone will be amazed
    I am amazed with me
    I've been through so much. I deserve it all.
    And in the clam before the storm I am left wanting
    wanting someone to confirm
    but that's my lesson
    confirm yourself
    love yourself
    be confident
    head held high
    and that is all

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