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    Friday, December 4, 2009

    blue eyes if the storm

    I'm finally facing these tears that have been backed up in my soar eyes for months
    I've been stopped up
    My mind is spinning tonight and there is no stopping it like the force of the hurricane you turned my life into
    I sat and stared at the blue eyes of the storm and now when it broke down and looks just as sad as me, I feel empathy.
    I feel empathy for something who took my world and built it up and tore it down
    I just looked in the eyes of the jaded gypsy, she pulled me in close and whispered in my ear "you're not the first, you won't be the last, you're just the next to get sucked in"
    I broke her looking glass that day
    I knew she was wrong she came from the north, she came from the south and she came from the west. And I was between her.
    She got sucked into that huricane too. She fought back and waged the war I wished I had
    Oh the hurricane. We marvel in it's natural beauty and mystery and we marvel and wonder how it could happen
    Then we run in fear, when we realize what it's about to do
    Then we hide while it ruins everything around us and takes our possessions and shatters everything we know
    Then after in wreckage we are empty
    But who in their right mind empathizes the huricane?
    Why am I empathizing the hurricane
    it was the source of every single one of my problelms and proved to me that I was too weak to stand against it's winds
    And now I feel bad that it's winds have died down

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