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    Friday, December 4, 2009


    I'm writing just to get back in this tick tock flip flop pattern
    Oh my hearts been skipping beats since you left
    My blood has just stopped short of ventricles
    But now I got shot up with a few ounces of karma
    In a nice sharp siringe that stung on the way in
    My blood and the luck that runs through it has come full circle
    Oh there you are blood. Rushing to my head and making my cheecks a shade darker
    I feel you pumping through my veins again. Doesn't make sense that you say so cold and dull through the warm summer months
    And now youre kick starting my part again in the fall as everything is dying around me
    It doesn't make sense
    Why am I coming alive when nothing else around me is?
    Stiching up rips that are years old
    Oh I've missed you fall. The red leaves the bit of the chill in the air
    It's almost like it's warning me
    But can't say I didn't warn you

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