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    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    Espirit d'Escalier

    dear blogspot,

    i want to delete you now. But i can't. I'd redirect you to my tumblr except for the fact that it might just be my last little box tied up in ribbons to keep secrets. yeah, there will be no redirecting there. I hope you know these aren't about you anymore. Blue> Green. Waterfalls and shopping malls.

    Our love is 2 lonely cars in a empty parking lot at 2 in the morning. Shut your mouth, stop talking. Tie me to one of those cold lamp posts because I’m not allowed to touch you. Were under polluted city star light and I’m trembling. I have to remember to breathe and take you in, living this moment and everything you are aroud me. You are everyone elses business and I’m a nobody offering my nothing that I have. The way I look at you, oh, please read it, please see my heart on my sleeve and see that I’d do anything for you. Please read my look that says “I’m worth it and I deserve you”im down to the quick over you. So quick to fall for this fatal attraction. Well this attraction just met her match. Now that we share secrets with the world and I’m only in tow, I can take stock of what it feels like to walk into a room and cause a chorus, the choir often wonders the same thing about me.

    O.P.x4= unrequited.

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