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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    New Years Resolutions

    1) Go To More Parties
    2) Fall In Love
    3) Appreciate More
    4) Put My Head Above Everything That Is Wrong
    5) Be More Independent
    6) Learn THis: The Things You Are Most Terrified To Do Are Often The Things That End Up Being The Most Fun
    7) Write More
    8) Establish Myself
    9) Not Loose Contact With People
    10) Be Better

    My Top 15 of 2008

    15) Going to my first "legit people" party
    14) The Rave AP tour
    13) Seeing FTSK @ the mall (what a fun day)
    12)The Rave for The Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour
    11) The Rocket Summer Tour
    10) Fall Formal
    9) meeting the fam/ establishing the brat pack/ Establishing the LSGs
    8) Getting "My Box"/ All that had to do with it
    7) Stalking.
    6) Gilson Beach
    5) THE CAB...album/show @ the rave/ show @ HOB
    4) State and Madison Coming To Fremd
    3) Getting involved in Chicago Music
    2)Warped Tour/ Warped Tour Day @ 6 Flags

    this is all subject to change as i remember things throughout the day

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