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    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    we can't both have her lady

    W:Peter, What are your real feelings?
    P: feelings?
    W: what you feel: happiness, sadness, jealousy
    P: jealousy? ...Tink
    W: anger?
    P: anger? hook...
    W: love?
    P: love?
    W: love.
    P: i have never heard of it
    W: i think you have peter i dare say you felt it yourself for something or someone
    P: never. event he sound of it offends me. why do you spoil everything? i taught you to fight and to fly! what more else could there be?
    W: there is so much more, i believe it becomes clearer when you grow up.
    P: Well i will not grow up, you cannot make me.

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    midwestxeyes said...

    hey, props on your writing style. i just stumbled upon your blog in the chicago network deal. keep it up :)