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    Saturday, November 1, 2008

    ten things

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    on my mind:
    1. will i end up like you? because i dont want to feel like that
    2. i dont want to be tied to you in the way i am, it'll hurt
    3. i'm so sorry
    4. happy birthday=]
    5. will my karma every come? the real kind, in the form i want
    6. i hate math
    7. shut up. seriously stop talking
    8. how long do i have to keep you a secret?
    9. i want to write something completely honest and true about myself, but i have nothing
    10. i have a lot of best friends. all different, all unique, i am so fortunate.

    any requests on what to write?
    i am totally slacking on here lately.

    my thoughts are just a frenzy of tangled spider webs
    same old dusty matieral
    just being moved about and over used

    i need new stuff.

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