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    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    if you really want to know me

    just look at my hands

    Jac Vanek Bracelet- Im a little scene, and i got it at warped tour= MY LOVE
    green and black bead bracelet w/ "believe" on it- from Cheerleading, yeah im a cheerleader.
    green wristband#1- From Coaching a cheerleading competition
    striped green wristband #2- from a local show, woohoo shows
    purple and yellow- from my best friend jess
    purple and blue friendship bracelet- from my bratpack, who mean the world to me
    claddagh ring- love+loyalty+friendship and upside down, so i dont have a boyfriend/husband/ fiance
    "figure 8s" ring- my moms from the 70s, i like old stuff

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