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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    i would

    no, i didnt mean to

    its winter. were so far from the months we held so dear
    but they are still in my heart, and like i was reminded yesterday,
    summer forever

    You were the best thing summer gave me
    Better than silence and no school
    No curfew and no rules
    I was the last thing you expected to become part of your life

    So sing this song while you drive home baby you drive home baby
    I will sing along from another country another country and
    So goes the telephone while the planes and trains won't let me go oh no
    Pause the world and I will go there

    And when the pollination starts
    In the springtime baby the springtime baby
    Can we map out all the parks?
    If I find time maybe I'll find time maybe and

    I have nothing to say other than I love you
    And I'll stay if you want me
    If you let me I will go

    If I admit that I was wrong
    In the right tone baby the right tone baby
    And pretend that I belong in the same room
    maybe the same room maybe
    I have nothing to say about this
    I love you and I'll stay if you want it
    If you let me I will go

    i still love you no matter how much time removed

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