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    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    risky business-

    you're not who i once thought you were.
    just because we're not friends doesn't mean i don't care.
    your elaborations and weaving of lies push me away,
    not someone else
    its not even a question of what ou do anymore
    its a question of where did you go
    who is your person anymore
    you absolutely disgust me
    you are an embarrassment evenwhen im not with you

    take your own words back,
    swallow them along with your pride
    let it sit
    and fester

    things have changed for me...

    when she speaks it makes me grind my teeth
    shallow is as shallow does
    some people never change
    wou're as fake as the moansyou make
    and its so hard to do ans so easy to say
    but sometimes- sometimes
    you just have to walk away- walk away and head for the door

    or in your case...head for a fence with the grill of your car
    maybe that will teach you
    because god couldnt
    i couldnt
    death couldnt
    im not sure what will

    sometimes the anti-venom is the poison its self

    if you thought i would be kind about this,
    you've never been more wrong
    admit onething.
    that you are always wrong.
    hold it in, push it out.


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