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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    my heart ticks in beat with [these kids that i grew up with]

    its in the way the city lights up
    its in the way we felt like giants upon model cars
    its in the way i cant ever take you back
    i wouldn't choose to
    a skipped line on a contract reads:
    caution, attachments may form
    and oh how they have
    the way i fall in love every time were all together
    something i wouldn't give up for the world
    all the diamonds and all the riches wouldn't make me give you up
    how we climbed to the tallest point
    and our names
    something true upon the slang and vandalism
    i hope its there forever
    and if its not,
    ill recarve it again and again
    to let the world know
    that what we have will never die
    severed distance will only lead to tighter strings attaching our hearts
    because they all tick together already

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    Lala said...


    Danno_Brutality™ said...

    you creeper.

    new jac vanek:


    DoYouFeel said...

    dan, they have lurker...why won't you but it already? =]

    oh btw... I love this tay!! =]