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    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    lost in the stars, im not giving anything back
    what you gave is mine forever
    you can't take that away
    tonight i traded hyssop and hyacinth
    for nicotine and toxic fog
    close enough to touch
    far enough to make the right decision
    woke up with my head in the stars
    and fell asleep to fiction
    i hope this isnt
    its ringing in my ears
    im giving it all to you
    wanting you to have the best
    happier than i
    i know love doesnt look you in the face everyday
    but maybe you should turn around
    and take it upon yourself
    to look it in the eye and say
    just watch me
    if we lose hope in it
    where are we?
    who are we?
    we end up bedraggled by our jobs, alone
    that wont be me. it wont be you. it wont be us.
    i promise
    maybe love doesnt find us in those forms we wish
    but its everywhere but where we hope to find it
    and its all we can ask for sometimes

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