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    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    you say you want more, but its all i got.

    i believe in 11:11

    so many thoughts today.

    its dumb. i know shes your first everything.
    its ok. dont say you love me unless you mean it.
    unless its bullshit.
    but just in case, ill take the bullshit for now.
    cause ill take whatever you got.

    how do you say goodbye to someone who is just killing themselves slowly?
    and you resent every moment.
    its not how i want it to be at all
    i cant remember how it used to be when youre like this

    take me back to a place where nothing mattered but the bass in my ears and that my feet were still on the ground while my head was in the clouds

    i love you i love you i love you
    stop it stop it stop it
    youre tied to everything i do anymore
    talk to me about anything
    you take my mind off of things

    0 exposure
    [to the party scene]


    chicago never lets you forget its there:


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