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    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    those busted lips we take back home

    miserable at best is stuck in my head since i read alannas blog.
    and its been




    ever since

    so im reading twilight. is an awesom read. not so full of life inspiring quotes but an irrisistable story none the less. The way Bella admits she is in love with Edward is so unrealistic. she has known him for a few weeks and the allure of his beauty and mysterousness just leads her to believe she is in love...i mean HELLO. he hasnt even kissed her yet!...a bit unrealistic to me. But i so long for the day my head is dizzy like hers for someone, so clouded up by their memory alone...and i hope one day i can admit to myself about someone that " i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with hi"

    annnd just watched fashion rocks with my dad. and we watched Justin Timberlake and Beyonces ode to motown with " Ain't nothin but the real thing" By Marvin Gaye and he was litteraly brought to tears by it. i dont understand. i get so repremanded for loving my music and putting everything into it. And here he is, crying over it. and yells at me for being emoionally attached to my music.hmph.


    i wrote you both letters. and they will further explain things, i love you both so much. thank you for being by my side through everything and making me who i am, theres a bit of both of you in me, and i hope you can see it and be proud, like i am.

    so anyways.
    i hope you all know im a big believer in fate.
    but im not sure how
    but this emergency brought you to me
    and we both fell in
    im terrified you will go like the rest
    or i will mess it up like the rest
    but im determined to make you love me.
    so tell me are you in love with me too?
    ...ohh dakota.

    tomorrow will be hectic. ah.
    but yay for my best friends together again since 8.19.08
    =[ almost a month apart.
    i love them so much.
    speaking of...
    today is 9/9. which reminds me of 8/8/..08
    if only you all saw the video of me dan and jess...
    ...well you would think we were crazy.
    but we think its hilairous.
    love you kids, youre with me every step of the way, like/vines/we/intertwined,

    heart ticks in beat with these kids that i grew up with
    [living like lifes going out of style]

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