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    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    pack your bags, get out she said.

    Let's sit up and name all of our problems, toss them into the bingo poll. And then ill kiss your scars on one condition: that you'll kiss mine. Together we can decide if we'll all be alright. I feel the worlds behind your eyes. the desperation, the loneliness. Sit down, i want you to know that you dont have to worry, for my concsience is callused too. This will be our hurt parade. Tally-mark each dissapointment dear. In chalk, for our bleeding hearts. I want you there. Right in my chest, taking away everything thats wrong in the world.


    Love is when your heart is too big for your ribcage. Hopefully when your ribcage is full, there will be no room for pain. THE END.

    dear micheal, you are the most amazing writer i think i have ever met. i am extremely jealous and pretty much everytime i read something of yours i am speechless.
    if you read this check out his blog, its insanely good.
    haha i hate myself after reading his blogs....
    i try too hard now. ahaha

    jeal jeal jeal

    Brat Pack Fall Forward Preview.
    So much fun tonight
    i love you kids.

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