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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    its up, its out. a blessing in disguise

    you're no better than the way i left you/ these words are filling me up until you can see them in my eyes/ pouring out like tears, or maybe I'm just full of shit- the exact way you are treating me/ my history? no, yours is a sordid past/ shut your mouth, i get it from you/ when it rains ti purs and I'm stuck outside with no colorful umbrella with all of these other overcast kids/ no wonder were all so alike. we all fall for train wrecks with crooked smiles/ I'm only holding onto what I've got, and not what i let go/ Ive lots sleep and secrets but i wont loose you/ get on your knees and make them bleed before you come crawling back to beg for apologies/ you make me sick, don't hide your smile/ but reveal your shade to me, show the world both of your faces/ i hope you writhe in pain like i did against the words you said/ i hope those teeth that bite underneath come back and bite you after you unleashed your words

    - anger at its best- May 5th 2008

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