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    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    'cause i sure know what its like to be alone

    i need new material.

    the rain brings out the best in me
    driving on desolate streets and im the only light
    makes me feel lonesome in a world so big.

    im jealous of the way your face always held the light
    no radience just enough to be percieved as mysterious
    i think about you sometimes when im not hiding my thoughts
    at night in the dead silence
    when i know no one one could ever be listening
    i wonder where you are, and if you ever think of me
    i hated the way you were always famous
    to someone or another
    i hated those ways that your hair always fell to the side
    and how it was never the same color twice
    i hated how your smile took over everything
    i hated how your fingers would float to create music
    the way i never could
    i hated the way i never fully understood you
    i hated that i never understood why you went to her
    when i knew the way you felt for me was stronger
    i hated the way, it was in every single way that i loved you
    shh. this is between me and the world now.

    hm. why can't i write like you.

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    Lala said...

    you wanted those headphones....