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    Friday, August 22, 2008

    so yesterday in the middle of practice, aka hell, where my coach calls us shitty and fat and acts like a 5 year old, i was sitting there, dispising her when i looked up onto the ugly yellow ceilings and saw a bit of a rainbow on the wall. It was from one of the lights or something but then i had a thought. Thats kind of what life was about, taking your mind out of some shitty gym where everyone is angry at eachother and finding the rainbow. finding happiness in every small moment, because at one point there is ALWAYS something to be happy about, even the smallest things. Its the way to create peace of mind and a state of happiness. Hm... as you can see... or not if you didnt know me before, ive changed the way i think in the past year. so im one redic happy person.

    P.S. big mystery:
    odd things are about.

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