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    Friday, August 8, 2008

    one of THOSE nights, when you leave me for no reason, ill give you a reason.

    home videos of jess and tay= no wonder we have no friends, were so weird.

    So, if it is possible to fall more in love with someone, i have. Oh I have:
    Alex Marshall, marry me?

    anyways. can't wait to send this wonderful package of goodies to a friend.

    Making a video with my friends was hilarious.
    can't give too many deets about it yet, because it must be watched first.
    Its a surpriseeee
    so shhhh.

    p.s. putting this out there: im the most jealous person in the world. i hate it. but i can't help it.

    one more observation: i have been living like no tomorrow.
    no one can live this fast, this long.
    it all must come to an end sooner or later.
    oh how i will miss these summer days.
    and oh how i am horrified we will all lose what we haev built up this summer.
    unbreakable or breakable bond?
    you all tell me.

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