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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    A Loser Can Win Whenever They Want To.

    Location: The Metro.

    Concert Ticket: $12
    Train: $5
    Bus: $2
    Posters: $1
    meeting new people and being nuts with your best friends: priceless.
    [for everything else theres MasterCard]...wait i don't even use mastercard. whatever.

    tooo tooo fun last night.

    Jessica, Alanna and I got on train after picking up jess and eating an entire frozen pizza. mmm.
    To say the least, we had no idea where we were going. Phrase on the train? "Just follow the cubs fans!"
    so we got off at Irving Park, followed the sea of blue, to a bus stop.
    We had no idea where the bus would take us, but we got on anyways.
    The girl in front of us drank a whole small bottle of whiskey herself (saw her getting off the train and she looked pretty bad) and the guy next to us was starting songs every 10 seconds, and no fan bus ride would be complete without "the wheels on the bus" (WTF) thoughts exactly.

    so we get to the stop, get off and walk right up to the metro, and met up with dan and company. We sat outside CIWWAFS tour bus and watched the band walk in and out. I was overly excited to see Shaant. But bummed out later when i realized how rude he is about everything. oh well, he is still beautiful to me.
    At 5:30, the doors opened and we moved on in, into second row for Danger Radio.

    of course, i am in love with them NOW. AFTER seeing them. it always happens, at least i saw them at all=]

    They put on a great show, tons of fun, just dancing and so much energy[well me at least, and maybe the kinds in the middle too].

    Next was Powerspace, who i also love. Although their performance wasn't the best, it did have good energy and i enjoyed hearing new material, but hey Alec, next time play more oldies!!!

    After PowerSpace, there was a crowd serge and i ended up facing backwards and smashed...needless to say we left the pit and headed to merch.
    We met Andrew DeTorres, the lead singer of Danger Radio, and Alec. Then we headed upstairs to watch Cute.

    But not before our savior Kate sent a text telling us William Cox was in the building! AHH! WILLIAM!
    oh how we love him.
    so we chatted with William for a bit, then headed up to watch CIWWAF.
    we lurked, we danced, we sang, we screamed, we took lots of pictures.
    Then headed out to meet Jeff, see william again, see a surprise appearance by HEY CHRIS!(bff of FOB), and then head towards Pick Me Up Cafe, only to get there, haev to turn around and get frustrated by finding NO cabs. But we did run into William again, and he gave me a hug, and of course i felt better then.
    So we headed back towards the metro, (Like the gay man said, what does it take to get a Cab in this city? for god's Sakes im almost home), and found a cab.

    took Lake Shore Drive home...the most magical, beautiful place in Chicago to see the city, i love that road, its my favorite place in Chicago.

    Got back to the train with 15 minutes left.
    The train ride home hilarious.
    We were all way too slap happy, quoting everything possible and just being weirdos.

    Bottom Line of the night, i love the city,
    i love my friends, i love shows, and i love my life.=]=]=]

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