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    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    explain to me...

    -->...this conspiracy against me.

    I watched Waynes World with these on.
    I realized that me and my best friend are totally Wayne and Garth.
    ...but less "like duh"
    lazy -saturday.
    too tired.

    remember when me and my best friends snuck into the city?
    yeah, i do too.
    elation at its best.
    summers last glimpse was a glance behind my shoulder at diamonds shining over a lake
    with the finest at my side
    grit below the feet
    and same in my teeth
    dont make me leave it all behind
    because im tied
    binded to a place
    no ropes
    just heart strings
    played over the buzz of a highway
    -just drive-

    "you can dream us out of here, but were not leaving"

    I love playing along

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