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    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    some people got it, and other people dont.

    Today, i recieved a not-so-nice letter. you can read it below. It really set my train of thought for the day. It made me start to think, who is this person, and why would they go so far out of the way to do this to me? I was surprsingly fine after reading it. I just felt extremely bad for the person who did it. They went out of their way to put someone else down, i believe that is really saying something about the level of self esteem that the writer had. After being upset for a millisecond and telling some people about it i started thinking, those who back me up with this, are the ones who matter.
    <3J.D.A+C,M.M.R.P.Mc.R. Ss. A. T. T. T.
    it really made me individually appreciate all my friends, something i have been doing all summer. I have realized i have met some absolutely amazing kids this summer, although how we met was unconventional and yes, a little dorky, i couldn.t have asked for better kids in my life=]

    and because they pick me up everytime im down, i thought i would return the favor=]
    you put love into the world, and it comes back to you<3
    to the new and old
    my best friend can pick me up after the hardest days and make me smile no matter what, and be there for me and knows if we need to talk, we can and if we dont, we dont have to. there is tons more i can say, but i would go on all day about how lucky i am to have such an amazing friend like that in my life.

    to my clanster BOIII, you know who you are. thanks for never asking me to explain myself around you, i like how you just get me. we get excited for the same stuff, and well, thats rare to find these days. Were both creeps and you know what?! thats alright with me. i'm glad we met, because who else can i share my excitement for warped and things like...umm certain people (its ok im obsessed with him too HAH) brought us together, and im pretty sure things are going to stay that way. you showed me so much that i didnt know before, and you continue to show me. your a wayyyy awesome kid...and today after i told you about this note letter thingy, you were super sweet about it and i cant wait until we can have a smackdown on this kid, whoever it is. p.s. DURF(ew)

    the twins- who i love very much, and who i count as my own family, i find myself in each of you, and you both bring me somethign different, i feel like your both my little sisters and i watch over you the same i would as my own family. im so glad we can share so much of eachother and you both bring amazing talents to the table, with your art and music, i am so very jealous of both of you. your both beautiful, your both smart as whips, and i hope our adventures together never end =] p.s. you complete our concert family square =]=]=]

    a friend who is a bit older, and a lot wiser, who has helped me numerous times. Your smart as hell, and i look up to you, and no matter what people say, your one cool kid to me=]

    one gorgeous boy who knows he can get anyone, and can make anyone (boy or girl) fall for him with his writing

    "the date"-Most people you look at once, and keep that freeze frame in your mind forever. You changed my view on that. You opened my eyes to see that there are things going on behind closed doors. And that some people will always haveyour back no matter what

    to my life coach- who already knows he is amazing, and knows putting good into the world will come back to him

    a kid who i just met, who is trouble, but always makes me smile and laugh and you cant help but just love him and his personality

    A boy who "brightens" up my day, who is in love (and im jealous) and is absolutely amazing. he is an amazing kid and deserve the best, who is the definition of lovable, and who i love talking to because we can trade awesome life views.

    My new favorite person. Your hilairous, famers tan or not. you always make me laugh, talking about our parents and funny stories. i love our adventures to the beach and downtown, your probably my favorite person to drive around with, yelling at bad drivers and trying to figure out what that damn trucks number is in front of us so we can call and say your driving like an OLD PERSON... 2h3?tk?y77?? HUH?! oh and cant forget the yaris's <3 love em.

    a kick ass girl who i love talking to! and can probably do some major damage out on the dance floor, because we challenged those kids to a dance off...and were gunna win. DUH.

    someone who shares my name and views on things too, who has impressed me like no other, and has an amazing talent for taking pictures, and even though we just started talking(again, sorta), is an awesome girl who i cant wait to get to know better!!

    to a boy who i love like a brother, but at the same time will always like( even if you dont know it), no matter what they say about you, i love you and you hold a very special place in my heart, we've changed eachother and you mean so much to me. i hope your always a part of my life=]

    p.p.s. to my new musician know who youare i love you, and hold you in a very special place in my heart forever and ever, and so does your music =]


    there are so many other kids that i love in the world, those are just the new ones from this summer=]

    ive learned to appreciate the kids i do have, and who will back me no matter what, and proved to me that it doesnt matter what others think, because i have these kids in my life, who have my back=]