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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    I Might Even Be A Rockstarrrr....*

    I am currently making a cd full of "Rock" themed songs.

    I am going to hell...aka cheerleading camp
    for 3 days

    from previous years:

    themes were Grease and 80s.

    i know you have all seen that scene in Bring It On when there is all the teams sitting aorund conversing about the spirit stick.
    and the one who drops it goes to hell...

    yeah, its all real

    and our teams theme is Rockstar.
    We are all dressing up like crazy 80s hairbands for the final night.

    oh it'll be a good time.

    the cab was FUCKING AMAZING.
    if it was possible to be more obsessed with the cab, uhhh it happened.
    He was so sweet, trying to get through security to take us backstage and meet them.
    and take us back to their hotel.

    some musicans are so kind to their fans, those are the bands that deserve it.
    and i was so proud he remembered my friend Danielle form when they hung out at the Rave.

    while at the house of Blues, i finally saw the struggle of musicans.
    There was a skinny little boy with a messenger bag and head phones on holding little promo slips passing them out to people as they left. Keep in mind this boy was tiny. He handed me a slip and i mentioned i had seen the promo Ad in AP magazine. He got so excited and said "thats me! thats my band!!!". it was adorable. then he said "because you mentioned our ad, i want to give you a free EP", how cool. Then as he walked away an over 300 pound, and way over 6 feet huge ass body gaurd grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. he attempted to grab his promo slip and was yellign at him and literaly shoved him out of the venue. That poor little boy probably has had them done to him like...20 times. but they do it because they love it, i was so impressed how he stood up to that security gaurd, and it really showed me determination. How these kids will keep pushing until they make it, and how a common love for something drives them. so shout out to whats his name in


    youve got guts you tiny little man

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